Sunday, January 6, 2008

My Steelers Lose

Those who know me well, know that I'm a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan. Last night, the Steelers played what turned out to be their last game of the year. They lost their playoff game to the Jacksonville Jaguars. It was a great game. The Steelers were down by 18 in the 4th quarter but ended up coming back to take the lead . However they ended up giving up a field goal in the last minute of the game which resulted in them losing the game. I went from feeling miserable because they were getting killed, to ecstatic as they made up the largest 4th quarter deficit in playoff history, only to be crushed at the end again. As I went to bed sad, I couldn't help but keep thinking of certain plays that changed the game. I also was frustrated because there were several really bad calls by the officials that had an effect on the game's outcome. What made this all the more miserable was having to endure this while my wife, a New England Patriots fan, watched with me. She didn't have to say much but she gave me several looks that that felt very mocking. Folks, it's difficult being married into a family that roots for one of your teams arch rivals, but things are even worse when there team is in the midst of completing an unbeaten season.

I had planned originally to post something here along the lines on how a christian man should keeps sports in their proper perspective. Upon getting this far along into the post, I'm realizing that I'm not at all qualified to do this. I fail at this. I'm saddened that I don't get excited about evangelism as I do about a football game. I'm saddened that my heart is not as broken for the lost as it is when my team loses a critical game. People are on their way to hell, and I go to bed all sad because my team lost a game! Forgive me, Lord. Forgive me.


Shannon said...

Waah waah waah.

I don't misinterpret my sadness for you in the wrong way.

You have my condolences. I just wish you would stop complaining about it already, lol.

A Reformed Family Man said...

GO Patriots. I can't wait to see them hoist another championship trophy.

Oh, that will be four, 4, fore, for, 1,2,3,4, ffffoourr...I mean four for Brady.

I do say this in love for my bother.