Monday, January 7, 2008

Missing Hiker's Body Found

For the last week, I've been following the story of, Meredith Emerson...a hiker who was hiking on or near the Appalachian Trail in Georgia. I just found out about an hour ago that her body has been found. It is obviously a murder since the prime suspect, Gary Hilton lead authorities to her body this evening. This brings many sad thoughts to mind. I love the Appalachian Trail, and I've hiked right there before. The typical AT hiker is peace-loving and we all try to look out for each other. My heart is broken not only for this hurting family, but also for my AT hiking family. I pray that this terrible situation will be used of the Lord to point many of my AT friends to Christ.

While watching the sad news conference on Fox news, Shannon mentioned that she couldn't imagine ever being able to murder another person. Yeah, I couldn't imagine what it would be like to be Gary Hilton either. However, one sobering fact is that if were not for God's restraining hand, that I would not only be like Gary Hilton, but worse. Thank you Lord for your grace!

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