Monday, January 14, 2008

Making His Name Known in Mexico

Over the last couple of years, my job has taken me to a couple of citys that are close to our country's border with Mexico. On every occassion, I've taken the opportunity to walk across the bridge in order to do grab some souveniers to take home to my family. I've always been struck by the poverty I've seen and I've been burdened for the true Gospel to be presented to the people there. This past September, the last time I was there, by God's providence, my job circumstances brought me into contact with a mission organization in southwest Texas. Upon hearing that we were believers, they volunteered to take us on a one day mission trip across the border. Of course I saw a massive amount of poverty.
One of the big concerns about ministry in Mexico is what appears to me to be a quick hurried through gospel presentation with the goal of getting as many people possible to raise their hands or come forward. Also, the prosperity gospel message is being taught. With many of the preachers and pastors, there seems to be a fascination with the charasmatic gifts at the expense of a fascination of the miracle of spiritual re-birth.
Well, one I came back home, I kept thinking about how I wish I could do something to help spread a passion for God and His Word in Mexico. Although the people with the organization I went with were nice, I had some concerns. So, just out of curiosity sake, I decided to just start searching the internet. It didn't take long to find this blog. I began to read and it seemed as if this guy had been doing some mission work right in the same area I had been, and it seemed as though we both were very like minded on how the ministry should be carried out. I sent him an email. He sent one back. Back and forth it went several times. Then we found out that we both were going to be attending the Desiring God conference! So, just a couple weeks later, we met. So, now we are planning on working together in Mexcio..long term. I plan on going down at the end of February and spending a few days working with my new friend, Aaron and others. You can read all about what we will be doing here If anyone would like to go along or help finance the trip (it costs about $600) to go, let me know! I'm hoping that my friend Charlie can go.

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Aaron said...

Hey brother,

Just looking over your blog. I am really excited about this coming trip. Part of this is just the simple fact that there are so many in our congregation that are starting to take a greater interest in missions.

Thank you for your support of the mission work there!!!

Soli Deo Gloria!