Monday, December 3, 2007

Charles Jordan, 1917-2007

Today, a legend died--my Grandfather. Why do I call him a legend you ask? Well here's why: The guy spent 25 years in Sudan and Ethiopia as a missionary. I don't know every single one of the details of everything he did over there. But I do know that many of the believers over there know who he is. Besides that, a few years ago, I ran into a lady who knew him while he lived here in Tennessee. She told me that she has never known anyone to have such an incredible prayer life. Upon thinking back on it myself, I believe the guy may have spent 5 hours per day in his prayer journal. The rest of the day, he spent in his garden. Grandpa was a gardener like no one I have ever known. In his early retirement years, he had a garden that was probably an acre in size, and he grew every vegetable that has ever been known to man and probably a few that no one has ever heard of.
Grandpa was also loved the local church. He was an elder in one of our local PCA churches for many years. He was always involved in church activities in one way or another.
Grandpa was a sinner saved by grace. Later in his life, he privately shared with me some of his downfalls when I had gone through some great downfalls of my own. His sharing these things with me, gave me great hope in my savior's forgiveness and his desire to work through sinful and broken people. For that, I am most thankful. He will be missed greatly.

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