Friday, December 28, 2007

Family Worship and Unattentive Children

Ligon Duncan has given some great advice for family worship, especially to young families over on A Cross Centered Blog:

The TSS mailbag is filled with excellent questions from readers. One such question comes from Phil, a man striving for a consistent family worship schedule despite an unattentive little child. What to do? Dr. J. Ligon Duncan has written about family worship and so I passed the question along to him for his advice. He kindly responded with this excellent perspective:

My own answer is you start family worship as soon as possible, as soon as one is
married, and continue it after children come along, no matter how young the
children are (and the younger the better). The point is not for the youngest
children to be able to comprehend (or even to sit still during it!). The point
is impress upon them, by paternal example the priority of God and his word in
all of life. Read the whole thing here

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