Tuesday, December 4, 2007

More Difficulties with Family Worship

Confession time. I'm ashamed to admit that quite often I just feel too tired (or maybe it's lazy), to engage with my kids in a quality time of family devotions. I think I've made "quiet time" (the time when mom and dad finally have some peace and quiet) an idol. So often, I just rush through it to get it done, or worse yet, just skip it altogether because things have just been too hectic. Also, it just seems sometimes like it's a war, just to keep everyone quiet and sitting down. Lord, please forgive me. I know that I so often go into this time with a "just get it done" attitude. What does this teach my children about the importance of spending time with God? The crazy thing is when I don't approach it in this way, I walk away being so blessed. It's amazing how much more the boys pay attention when they can see that I'm not rushing through it in an aggravated state of mind.
This month we are using Noel Piper's advent calendar as a devotional tool for our boys. I would link to it, but I know that they are sold out this year and I think they are looking into a re-design for next year. Each evening, up through Christmas morning, the boys will take turns putting a figure on the calendar.

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