Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Building Bridges

The last few days for me have been absolutely exhausting but such a blessing. I've been attending the Building Bridges- Southern Baptists and Calvinism conference in Ridgecrest, NC. I was so happy that my friend Mark from Atlanta was able to join me. In order to save some $$, we decided to drive back to my home in Johnson City, TN every evening. This ended up being about an 1-1/2 hour drive each way. Overall, I think the conference was very helpful in uniting Southern Baptists with different theological views. My favorite speech's/sermons were given by Jeff Noblit, Nathan Finn, Tom Ascol, and Daniel Akin. I was really disappointed that Voddie Baucham couldn't make it, but he was replaced by Don Whitney (whom I'm sure was good but I left to go home early because I wasn't feeling to well). You can listen to the conference messages here.


John Divito said...

I've spoken with Tom Ascol recently and Dr. Tom Nettles, whom you didn't mention. :) Anyway, my wife reads your wife's blog and I wanted to give you a chance to enter my drawing for Tim Challies' new book "The Discipline of Spiritual Discernment". Please look over my blog entry and see if you'd like to enter.

Jeremy Thornburg said...

remember the Divito family we go to church with that we said that you guys would love. Well thats them. Both of you Abraham-fathers of multitudes, haha.

John said...

Yes, Jeremy. I know who he is. John, I'm sorry for not mentioning Dr. Nettles. I did meet him and introduce myself to him though.