Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Mexico Praise Report

This has nothing to do with being a dad..which is something I will be doing on occasion. I just read my friend Aaron's blog. We are exploring some ways of partnering to reach the lost people in Mexico. Just this past weekend, he took a group into a small village where they have been on several other occasions. The good news is that he is reporting that the Lord has used them to bring two new converts into His kingdom. This is such good news to me and my heart just leaped for joy when I saw this news. I'm am so overjoyed because I know that this brother is very serious about not presenting a "cheap grace" type of gospel and he is very careful in presenting a gospel that talks about God's wrath toward sin. He takes much care to not preach a "sugar coated" gospel. I would really encourage you to go over and read his blog so you can rejoice and pray for the people in Mexico.

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